Nyx Wallet

Own your money.
Only you access to your assets.

The best and secure cryptocurrency wallet to date to keep assets securely only on your device.

Available on iOS, Android, Chrome, and more!


No one can access your assets, your secret keys are encrypted by the local storage tool. And you are the only one who can decrypt the secret keys and control the available assets.
Learn about our safety in this article.


Switch between your cryptocurrencies. You can swap your coins on any network and to any network you want with just a few clicks. without KYC required.
Learn how to swap through this article.

Send, Recive

Send cryptocurrency to your friends and contacts with the Address Book feature for faster access to your addresses. Receive cryptocurrencies or request them. Learn more about sending and receiving through this article.

No KYC required

We do not ask you for any personal or sensitive information. After creating your wallet, you will be able to access all the features available in Nyx Wallet.
Learn about the features of Nyx Wallet from this article.

Swap your crypto without leaving the wallet.

Swap between cryptocurrencies, and from one network to another.
One-click Swap.

Watch your transactions

From your smartphone monitor and control your transactions with ease.

Send, Receive, and request crypto

Send crypto from your address book to anyone, within one click.

All your TRX, TRC20, TRC10 assets in one place

Control all your assets from one place, watch your transactions, send, receive and request cryptocurrency transfers
with just a few clicks.

People love using Nyx

Here are some nice things our users have said about us


I see a bright future for Nyx. Everyone says we don't keep your sensitive information. But, is this true? I do not know. Nyx has this feature, with an open source app.

Via Twitter


A wallet can make or break a chain. Having spent some time w/ @Nyx_wallet's beta, I can say that it makes using @Trondao a lot more fun. #TRON_EcoSystem

Via Twitter


Absofriginlutely loving the @Nyx_wallet on Tron. Even got multiple hardware wallets connected. Great watching the Tron ecosystem evolve bit by bit.

Via Twitter


I've never seen a wallet offering swap service with such low commissions.
Something wonderful and encouraging.
I'm moving to NYX!

Via Twitter

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